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Located in the heart of the Rockies in the beautiful Helena Valley near the state capital in southwestern Montana, Burdick Institute was created to provide a foundation for the transformative balanced energy healing work of Claudia Burdick, to reach the world.

The cornerstone of Burdick Institute is Claudia's remarkable true story of personal devastation. It was this experience which became a powerful source of inspiration - empowering her to seek out - discover and understand the hidden knowledge life itself, unleashing our unlimited innate powers of self-healing. more...

Clearing Emotional Roadblocks Using Voice Repatterning

You're most likely familiar with the cliché of having a "well-oiled machine." However, ZYTO's EVOX can help you strive for that cliché by allowing your body to enhance its performance. Knowing how your body harmonizes is a powerful tool in achieving your optimal health, and EVOX can facilitate that. This dynamic instrument records short voiceprints, analyzes them, and converts the results into frequencies, which then play back to you as part of a multi-sensory experience with amazing results.

ZYTO technology facilitates Bio-Communication by allowing a conversation to take place directly between a computer and a human body. In a similar, but subconscious way, ZYTO technology is used to "ask" a patient questions and record the "answers". The tools that facilitate this are the hand cradle, upon which the patient rests his/her hand, and the computer software. These are non-medical tools but the information obtained from a bio-survey can have significant clinical value.

The conversation between the computer and the client takes the form of a stimulus-response exercise. The computer asks a question by sending a signal to the client, called a virtual stressor. Upon receiving the signal the patient's body will respond, measured as a shift in GSR (galvanic skin response) at the point of contact with the hand cradle. ZYTO software records and analyzes this data and displays it in a way that is easily understood.

by Dr. Vaughn R Cook, OMD

You will have a multi-sensory experience with Evox. After you record your short voice print the computer will analyze which notes are not in balance in your voice and will send the missing frequencies back to you via the hand cradle. While the computer is sending you this information, you will be listening to music and experiencing a wonderful light show using a device called the Pulsar. Some of the things that can be addressed using Evox are phobias and fears, relationships, PSTD, generational conflict and emotional conflicts.

The initial session with Evox is $75.00. Additional sessions are $65.00 ea.

Please view the Evox video by clicking on the link below. This video is produced by Zyto Corporation and it gives you a great overview of the capabilities and experience of Evox.

By Claudia Burdick c All rights reserved


Is cancer really what we've been told it is?

Is current medically accepted cancer diagnosis
and treatment asking the right questions?

In Claudia Burdick's controversial video: "About Cancer", she puts forth her opinions about the real origins and physical manifestation of Cancer in the human body... Watch now

About This Web Site...

Here you are going to discover a unique approach to healing. Claudia Burdick has reached into many areas of the healing arts and places no one has gone before. This has resulted in most effective combination of practical and arcane knowledge plus easy to understand techniques into a powerful new philosophy and practice of balanced energy healing.

Please take time to familiarize yourself with the articles you'll find on this site. Claudia's remarkable new book is now available as well as her blog postings and newsletter. BurdickInstitute.com is a growing entity which will continue to expand over the coming weeks and months.

Bookmark this site so you can return and continue to enhance your own foundation of knowledge and build your "arsenal" of healing tools as they become available in the Burdick Institute store.

If you have any questions, please feel safe to reach out to Claudia and the Institute by email or by phone. Contact Claudia

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